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Kavli Education Medal

The Royal Society

Kavli Education Medal and Lecture

This medal is awarded for impact in the field of science, mathematics and computing education. The Kavli Education Medal is awarded biennially (in even years) for “an individual who has made a significant impact on science or mathematics education within the UK.” The recipient will be called upon to deliver a lecture either at a specialist scientific or educational meeting or for the general public as appropriate.

The Kavli Education Medal is one of several awards made by The Royal Society in recognition of achievements in a wide variety of research fields. The uniting factor is the excellence of the winners’ work and the profound implications their findings have for others working in relevant fields, as well as for wider society.

The first award was made in the year 2010.

Laureate Ambassador Program (under homologation)

This initiative aims to internationalize the Kavli Education Medal award by The Robert Lichello International Leadership Foundation, a non-profit corporation based in the US. The proposed medal is of platinum gilt with gold accents and will be accompanied with a tax-free gift of US$18,000.

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