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Lichello Financial Leadership Foundation
(est. 1999)


The Lichello Financial Leadership Foundation (LFLF) addresses the finance industry’s need for professionals who possess deep mathematical modeling skills and computational expertise by merging statistical tools with modern portfolio theories to equip qualified individuals for highly rewarding careers. Grantees of the program apply these concepts to build purposeful financial engineering models, solve problems and evaluate opportunities in areas such as risk management, asset management, derivatives trading, corporate finance, and data science.

Grant Guidelines³

The Lichello Financial Leadership Foundation does not have a formal grant application and does not accept unsolicited applications. Letters of recognition may be submitted by persons who are not related within the third degree of consanguinity to the applicant and no affinity to the Trustees, Directors, Officers or executive personnel of the foundation.

Mailing address:

Lichello Foundation Benefactor’s Office

Post Office Box 1174

Malibu, CA  90265-1174 ⬝ USA

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