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  1. AE: Associated.Enterprises

  2. AIMvestor|.com|.net|.org Ascension

  3. Anagnorisis: Preceding Peripeteia

  4. CAS: Computer Algebra System

  5. CSEN: Complex Systems Experts Network

  6. Data Science+: Non-Linear Algebra [analogue to Linear Algebra]

  7. DAX: Data Analysis Expressions

  8. Discrete Economics: see Guaranteed Economics

  9. EA: Enterprise.Associates

  10. Economic Deprivation: Reverse Engineering Alimentation [non-fomenting]

  11. FPGA: Field Programmable Gate Array [accelerated]

  12. FEWG: Financial Engineering Working Group

  13. FLF: Financial Leadership Foundation

  14. Guaranteed Economics: Seigniorage [ex. debenture]

  15. Hedonic: Baseline Setpoint Reversion or Eudaimonia

  16. HLS: High-Level Synthesis

  17. HP-ME: High-Performance Maximum Entropy

  18. HSTS: HTTP Strict Transport Security

  19. II: Integrated.Industries

  20. LBA: Linear Bounded Automaton/Automata

  21. LRC: Lichello-Roshan Conjecture [multimodal maxima Computer Algebra System]

  22. MCS 1: Monte Carlo Simulation by Stanislaw Ulam and John Von Neumann

  23. MCS2: Monte Carlo Simulator by Robert Lichello and Kaveh Roshan
                (attestation to Robert Lichello; seminal by Kaveh Roshan)

  24. Michael King, Jr.: Debt Peonage Requiem [absolved list]; Albertina

  25. MVP: Minimum Viable Product

  26. Phi = 1.618033988749894848204586834… [disambiguation].  Reciprocal minus 1 [-1]

  27. PIB: Private Industry Bulletins is an American FinTech compendium broadcast service

  28. Power BI: Power Business Intelligence [ex. reticulating splines]

  29. Programmatic Works: Power BI + CAS/DAX + RPA + Sigma X

  30. RPA: Robotic Process Automation [ex. reticulation splines]

  31. Sigma X: Goldman Sachs International Bank MTF; Goldman Sachs Paris Inc. Et Cie

  32. RESERVED for ZFC: Zermelo-Fraenkel CAS Axiom