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  1. Anagnorisis: [Greek} a•nag•nor•e•ses; “life-changing realization or recognition thereof”); [modern definition]: The moment wherein a person either realizes or identifies his|her true nature, recognizes another character’s true nature, discovers the true nature of his|her situation, or that of others – leading to a resolution or the beginning of a just and proper cause.

  2. Cume: [marketing]; cumulative/accumulated audience: the number of people reached by an advertising or broadcasting medium over a specified period of time.
    [informal]; student's GPA.

  3. Delusive: giving a false or misleading impression.

  4. Hedonic Setpoint Reversion: (hee•don•ik; “absence of understanding or inability to understand at a second level”); [modern definition]: The personal baseline level of content one reverts to, despite any understanding of changes, at a higher level, from positive life-changing events or knowledge.

  5. Protégé: [French] one who is being mentored or a person who is guided and supported by an older and more experienced or influential person. The protégé [mentee] receives special protection and promotion from someone more established in a field by experience, and prominence; essentially trained and maintains special status.

  6. Solemnity: The state or quality of being serious and dignified.

  7. Understanding: the ability to change one’s perspective [assimilate in its entirety].

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