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  1. Anagnorisis: [Greek]: (a•nag•nor•e•ses); “life-changing realization or recognition thereof”;
    [modern definition]: The moment wherein a person either realizes or identifies his|her true nature, recognizes another character’s true nature, discovers the true nature of his|her situation, or that of others – leading to a resolution or the beginning of a just and proper cause.

  2. Apophenia: the tendency to perceive a connection or meaningful pattern between unrelated or random things. Apophenia can be considered a commonplace effect of brain function within a liminal state of anagnorisis or peripeteia. [see also Pareidolia]

  3. Compeer: a person of equal rank, status, or ability; ascendent/descendent

  4. Cume: [marketing]; cumulative/accumulated audience: the number of people reached by an advertising or broadcasting medium over a specified period of time
    [informal]; student’s GPA

  5. Cryptonym: a code name

  6. Delusive: giving a false or misleading impression [agitprop]

  7. Discrete: separate: [mathematics]; of a topology or topological space having the property for every subset as an open set defined only for an isolated set of points: a discrete variable using only arithmetic and algebra [discrete methods] not involving calculus.
    [statistics]; of a variable having consecutive values that are not infinitesimally close, so that its analysis requires summation rather than integration.

  8. Dispersion Trading: directionless strategy for index arbitrage based on trading options for an index against options for [some of] its constituents. Counter-measured by either selling Strangles or Iron Condors in the index while buying them in one [or a few] of the components; or vice-versa. (use ticker: DSPX)

  9. Economic Deprivation: a condition in which individuals or households struggle to meet their basic needs. A state in which individuals perceive that what they need or are entitled to is ignored or denied. When economic deprivation is defined by a liminal absolute, deprivation is said to be permanent. Deprivation can be relative and has no fixed standard. In economics, relative deprivation is also referred to as inequality and injustice.
    At the macro level, economically deprived countries are said to be poor, underdeveloped, or less developed.

  10. Financial Solidarity: the firm and persevering determination in economics to commit to the common good- the good of all, and of each individual. A virtue directed to serve humanity, instead of oppression and tyranny. Antithetical to The Tragedy of the Commons.

  11. Hedonic Setpoint Reversion: (hee•don•ik); “absence of understanding or inability to understand at a second level”;
    [modern definition]: The personal baseline-level of content one reverts to, despite any higher-level understanding from positive life-changing events or knowledge.

  12. Mentee: see Protégé

  13. Nascent: just coming into existence and beginning to display signs of future potential, especially of a process or organization

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