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  1. Pareidolia: conflated apophenia [propagation]

  2. Promethean: one who is boldly creative or defiantly original in behavior or actions; willing to take risks in order to create new things or do things in new ways; daringly original

  3. Promulgation: the process of spreading beliefs or ideas among a mass of people

  4. Protégé: [French]; one who is being mentored or a person who is guided and supported by an eminent and more experienced or influential person. The protégé [mentee] receives special protection and promotion from someone more established and preeminent in a field by experience, and prominence; essentially trained and maintaining a special status.

  5. Quantile: the accumulation of the probabilities of occurrences of a random variable. A quantile at 95% states that 19 out of 20 occurrences of the random variable have already occurred with 1 in 20 yet to occur.
    All academi
    c white papers discussed in the Lichello-Roshan Conjecture use this econometric definition. Additionally, epitomacy represents “to the degree of abridgment” of the fully-qualified proof (currently <400‰).

  6. Solemnity: the state or quality of being serious and dignified

  7. Tragedy of the Commons: a problem in economics that occurs when individuals neglect the well-being of society in the pursuit of personal gain.

  8. Understanding: the ability to change one’s perspective [assimilate in its entirety]

  9. Zeroth: CAS ordinal for zero as a polynomial constant

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