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UNDER EMBARGO UNTIL 2024-04-04 18:01 UTC

“The easiest thing in your life will be making $1,000,000+
  via ‘Wall Street Math.’

  The hardest thing in your life is believing you can.”

Los Angeles, California – 15 January, 2024:
Zero conflict-of-interest benefactor offers enhanced functionality expertise in Financial Engineering.

Kaveh Roshan, Chief Financial Engineer, and provost custodian of the Lichello-Roshan Conjecture to release fully-qualified proofs developed by The Lichello Financial Leadership Foundation in recognition of significant achievements in modern portfolio theories. The uniting factor of the proofs is life-changing implications the developments have for the average person to overcome economic deprivation.

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2022-07-18 Financial‣Engineering Press Release
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The Lichello Financial Leadership Foundation is an American independent education academy dedicated to achieving financial solidarity, and excellence in science – for the benefit of humanity.

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